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Puff Labs LD Q STF 90-007764

Puff Labs | White & Yellows E-Liquid

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Puff Labs White & Yellows E-Liquid

I really wish I would’ve paid attention to that sign that said “Last Electric Vehicle Charging Station For 100 Miles!”. Now, I’m just a lonely hipster stuck in the middle of the desert with no juice in my electric car. All I wanted to do was save the environment a little and head to Vegas for a weekend of absolute sin. To top it all off, my fancy apple shaped fruit logo phone is dead too. Guess I’ll die…. This poor guy should've brought a big bottle of this Puff Labs White & Yellows  and maybe he would of at least had some refreshing citrus soda to vape on. The inhale would’ve been all citrusy and sweet soda like. And the exhale would’ve made all these little bubbles to tickle his mustache.

Puff Labs White & Yellows E-Liquid Specs:

Comes In 100ml Bottles

0mg, 3mg and 6mg Nicotine Options Available

70VG/30PG Blend