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Puff Labs | Whites & Browns E-Liquid

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Puff Labs Whites & Browns E-Liquid

Everyone loves cake! That’s why I decided to go into the business for myself. It all started with my custom foot cakes. Sometimes I add an extra toe for fun. Usually, I ask for a photo of the customer’s foot so I can make it as accurate as possible. I had to stop doing that because one time this customer sent me this super crusty one and I had to get super experimental with the textures. Basically, I had to use coconut shavings to mimic the crustiness of that foot and the image will haunt me forever. Puff Labs Whites E-Liquid is a fluffy and moist chocolate cake layered with sweet whipped cream and topped with marshmallow cream and coconut shavings. The inhale will be the moistest and fluffiest chocolate cake layered with velvety vanilla whipped cream. The exhale will be nutty coconut shavings and marshmallow cream.

Puff Labs Whites & Browns E-Liquid Specs:

Comes In 30ml and 100ml Bottles

0mg, 3mg and 6mg Nicotine Options Available

70VG/30PG Blend